The Ascension - De Hemelvaart

All of life is in the process of ascending when it follows the natural process of spiritual evolution.
The ascension is the culmination of embodiments of the soul's service to life.


***  Ascension  ***


The Ascension is the acceleration of the vibratory rate of the electrons and the very nuclei of the atoms of being until the vibration is so intensified that the individual actually disappears from the sight or visible spectrum of material world.

The Ascension begins with the acceleration of the cosmic christconsciousness within us. In order to magnetize the flame of the Ascension in our lives we must attain a certain mastery on each of the seven rays of the consciousness of God.

The disciplines for the initiations of the Ascension into higher consciousness can be borne only by love - by the heart and the soul so filled with love for God, the great Guru, that it will endure unto the end, the end of the cycles of human consciousness and human creation.

It is true that we can return to the white-fire core of our being in this very life. Others may think that by a simple declaration of faith or confession of the name Jesus Christ they will automatically be received into the courts of heaven. Unfortunatelly this is not so, for the Great Law requires that we balance every jot and title of the law - and this is the law of karma.

Therefore, God has provided for us the way of reincarnation whereby the soul takes embodiment again and again so that she can finally prove the law of love and reunite with the living God, her immortal self - the mighty I Am Presence.

The Path of the ascension is a unique process of the spiritualization of consciousness that leads to the mystical reunion of the soul with her Divine source. The ascension is the ultimate destiny for every soul evolving on earth.

One of the requirements of the ascension is that you garner a sufficiency of the white light in your aura and in your chakra's; for the white light is the source of all of the color rays. It is the fiery core of the flame out of which is spun the wedding garment. Your momentum of the white light is the means whereby you magnetize the flame of the ascension in the hour of your victory.

In order to achieve the mastery of the white light, you must have a certain mastery on all of the seven rays; for as you master the rays, they lead you back to the center of the white light, back to the prism of the Christ consciousness whence they came. Moreover, it is impossible to gain mastery on one of the seven rays without this mastery carrying over through the oneness of the white-fire core to the other aspects of the Christ consciousness.

Every soul by free will elects the path of his own ascension. Your soul has already chosen and developed a considerable momentum on the ray of its destiny. This occurred while the soul was yet cycling within the spheres of the causal body prior to incarnation in the planes of Matter. The causal body of every soul reflects this larger momentum of concentration on the chosen ray.

Thus you will hear chelas of the Ascended Masters referring to one another as being on the first ray or on the fifth ray, etc. It is good to identify each soul with the flame where this soul is attending her mastery rather than with the outer personality or the momentums of her negative karma.

The ritual of the Ascension

The ritual of the ascension takes place in the retrait of the Lord of the Ascension flame - Serapis Bei. This is an etheric retrait above Luxore in Egypt. Serapis Bei describes the ritual of the Ascension in his own words:

Altough the form of an individual may show signs of age prior to his ascension,...all of these signs will change and...the physical appearance of the individual will be transformed into the glorified body. The individual ascends, then, not in an earthly body but in a glorified spiritual body into which the physical form is changed on the instant by total immersion in the great God flame...

The blood in the veins changes to liquid golden light; the throat chakra glows with an intense blue-white light; the spiritual eye in the center of the forehead becomes an elongated God flame rising upwards. The garments of the individual are completely consumed, and he takes on the appearance of being clothed in a white robe - the seamless garment of the Christ. Sometimes the long hair of the Higher Mental Body (the Christ Self) appears as pure gold on the ascending one. Then again, eyes of any color may become a beautiful electric blue or a pale violet.

These changes are permanent. And the ascended one is able to take his light body with him wherever he wishes or he may travel without the glorified spiritual body. Ascended beings can, and occasionally do, appear upon earth as ordinary mortals,...resembling the people of earth and moving among them for cosmic purposes. This Saint Germain did after his ascension when he was known as the Wonderman of Europe.

After our soul has ascended, she is no longer earthbound, but lives and moves in a teeming cosmos that includes a vast network of spiritual beings. These immortals are collectively known as the cosmic hierarchy, and their consciousness spans all the cosmos. This hierarchy is organized according to ever-increasing levels of consciousness, where those with more spiritual attainment assist in the evolution of those with lesser attainment. This all takes place in an atmosphere of tremendous love, harmony, trust and cooperation that encourages each of us to reach magnificent heights of self-actualization and self-expression. When ascended beings are entirely free of negative karma, they can choose to continue evolving with earth or to move on to other worlds. There are millions of ascended beings in the universe we will never know or hear about because they no longer interact with earth's evolutions.

The Great White Brotherhood is the collective name for the ascended and cosmic beings dedicated to raising the collective consciousness of humanity to the level of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.