Reincarnatie - de Kosmische Wet


Our lifetimes are only stepping stones to that ultimate goal of oneness with our spiritual self and with the Universal Spirit

The real purpose of reincarnation of Life is to attain reunion with Divine real self 

A theme in ancient Buddhist literature is the creation of the world by a Mother Goddess, the Eternal Venerable Mother, who sent down to earth 96 myriads of her children. They were originally Buddhas and immortals, but once on earth they forgot their true home in paradise.

They grew attached to fame, profit and sensual pleasures. Trapped by these desires, they become enmeshed in samsara, the illusionary world. The Great Law required them to repeatedly die and be reborn again so that they might recognize the transient nature of their desires.

The Eternal Mother grieved for her lost children and sent down messenger deities to remind them of their true nature and the way back home. These messengers were Buddhas who have passed all the difficult initiations of Boddhisattva's and become fully enlightened.

It is prophesied that at the end of the time of trials the Eternal Mother's children will recover their original wholeness, will become karma-free beings, free from rebirth and be reunited in the heart of the Divine Mother. There is hope that the world itself will be changed into a realm of perfect bliss, if every soul will conscioussly fulfil their part in the Greatest Divine Plan.