Heilige Geest - de bron van inspiratie


 "I AM the Maha Chohan! I live in you. I breathe in you. I AM your sacred fire breath And the pulse of cosmic heart. I AM your life in Spirit; You are my life in Mater. This is the fusion of the alchemy. We are one in the Flaming Flame
of the  Holy Ghost.

. . . It is one thing to receive the blessing of the Holy Spirit; it is another to retain that vibration in all of Its Purity and Grace. If there be any Grace man has ever received for which he ought to give thanks, it is the Spirit of God by which he is born again and anew to the Kingdom of God. The renewal of this Covenant should be construed as applicable to one's present embodiment, for in the beginning all men received the Blessing of the Holy Spirit to go forth and sow the seeds of Righteousness and everlasting Love in the Kingdom temporal and throughout all cycles of Being.
HOLY SPIRIT AFFIRMATION:   "I AM One with the disciples at Pentecost, and I receive and claim the commission to be divinely empowered with extraordinary faith, knowledge, and ability, to develop steadfastness in faithfulness, tremendous transformation in my person, a total submission to the Holy Spirit even in the midst of great tribulations, and a willingness to be used continuously and unconditionally by God.  AMEN.  - Alberta Fredricksen


"My very own Beloved Holy Christ Self, living right within my beating heart! In the name of my beloved 'I AM' Presence, I now call you into action here and now.  Possess, control and rule this outer self of me and my world.  Make me the constant 'newness of life' and divine love which you are and so help me raise my fellowman as well.  I love you, bless you and thank you with all 'I AM' and have for all you have ever done for me and for answering this, my call!  I consciously accept and expect this call made manifest for me right now!"  AMEN.

Maha Chohan: "And thus, as I contemplate for ye all and for all who hear or read my words the effulgence of the snow-white dove descending into the chalice of your being, it is because you have prepared a place for the Lord to lay, that you have prepared a place where you may receive him, that you have prepared a place where you may receive the Holy Spirit, that the Holy Spirit can find a lodging within ye, because of your thoughts, because of the soaring power of those thoughts, because of the victory of those thoughts, because of the grace of those thoughts, and because those thoughts embody the concepts of the I AM, the concepts of Being and Be-ness, the concepts of holiness and of being made whole.
Be ye whole, then, by the power of God.  Be ye whole by the power of love.  Be ye whole by that one spirit and see that you never fear it, nor doubt it, nor turn against it, nor cut it, nor attempt to deceive it, nor defraud it, but always keep the open door.  Hold that open door, open in the name of God to drink into that one spirit, the spirit of your victory, the spirit that will not accept defeat, the spirit that will not accept retreat, the spirit that will go forward in God's name and will gain by his flame of victory the cloven tongues of light that bid ye welcome evermore wherever God is.  For there the Spirit saith, "I AM.        

2 December 1967

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit, Lord Maha Chohan,
Into my heart, my mind, my soul,
All of my being and consciousness. 
Infuse me with your gift of Word of Wisdom,
And show me how you would have me use it.

Purge me of all misuses of love wisdom and power, through the 7 chakra's, from everything that takes me away from you.
Remain with me all the moments of  my life
And grant me the grace never to depart from thee,
My Love, My All.

Oh Thou Great Comforter and Lover of Souls,
Comfort and love all of the children of light,
Especially those most in need.
Yet, not my will, not my will, 
not my will but thine be done.

Thou the all, I the nothing, 
Thou the all,I the nothing, 
Thou the all, I the nothing.