Heilige Graal


Heilige Graal

The Holy Grail is the light of God, the essence of the Holy Spirit that drops in your heart daily.

This Grail is the Holy chalice present upon the altar of your heart, which magnetizes the light emanations into it through your daily ritual of prayer, devotion, mantra’s and meditations.

Many of us have searched lifetimes for this Holy Grail. His sacred mysteries come back to us at the dawn of the Aquarian Age.

"And yet I say to every one of you, as to friends of my heart, as I addressed the knights of old in the great hall of our castle-I say to all of you: the wondrous Grail of God, the invisible Grail is always before you. This Grail, precious ones, is your consciousness, that portion of your consciousness which you have externalized."

- King Arthur -

Your soul has been waiting for this message for a long time. Your consciousness is your connection to God. Through prayer and meditation God's Light will increase in your own heart daily.

All of us have a divine nature and because of it all of us can have a direct relationship with God, with divine essence of our own being.

"Individuals seeking the Holy Grail come to a point where they realize that although there be in existence a Grail called holy—that unless their own individual light expression (their physical form, their emotional body, their mental body and their memory body) be so compassionately purified by the fire of devotion that those bodies become a chalice in which the Holy Spirit of God may manifest—that they would not possess the capacity to recognize the Holy Grail were they to behold it."

- El Morya